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When I was a child I asked the Universe to show me everything there was in the world, knowing even then there would be many things I would not want to see or know.

Where Spirits Speak is a series of photographs that address the power of memory and our connection to the past by focusing on objects, places and things that have become lost, abandoned, damaged or forgotten.  The remains of a life, evidence of human touch, wait silently to be found to reveal their story, speaking quietly of love, life, death, loneliness, solitude and peace.

While some memories are beautiful, others hold us hostage in our mind and spirit, leaving us unable to move forward and live in the present.  Photographers are the keepers of memories - like it or not, every object, place and face recalled in a photograph embodies that moment in time, rediscovering it’s remembrance, senses and emotions. 


I capture and save them as proof of my existence.

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